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An intersting start to 2019... in the Valley front

Posted by jd420 on Tuesday, January 29 2019 at 10:19:51AM

Well, it's an odd way to start a year which had bombings in the area in the year previously. A coordinated action occurred in the valley.

To the north, the IWW was attacked by criminal street gangs which have also conducted bombings and mass arson in the area - and enjoy the support of police.

The local IWW also runs the union for the Janus Youth Programs, whose diversity statement...

...features respect for children and youth voice.

In what is more interesting... they also set up a premeditated murder. A staffer of the Civil Liberties Defence Center was murdered by city employees, with malice aforethought.

Some interesting facts surround this case :

- it qualifies as felony murder, with the qualifying crime of child kidnapping. The situation is legally no different than opening a daycare and then trespassing the parents to keep the children, and the man had legal right to deal with school officials on a person-to-person basis until they kick his daughter off school grounds.

- it is also premeditated murder :

...with a hoax campaign of false police reports preceding the planned, executed hit.

The Eugene Weekly news release also contains several glaring factual errors. By way of example, in the video, the officer identified in the release as Officer Johns did not place the premeditated murder victim under arrest until after committing unlawful battery upon the man; the murder victim undertook no struggle at this time, nor did he push at this time, contrary to report noted. Neither officer undertook any action to take the man into custody at this time (or at any time in the video), but did attempt bashing the man's head into a concrete wall repeatedly in a seperate count (a few counts, actually) of attempted murder; it was only after the murder attempt had started that the murder victim attempted to resist it. All of this is clear in the video.

The extreme setup and planning, which included multiple filings of false police reports and an apparent staging plus its relation to preexisting large-scale criminal gang activity in the area, coupled with its felony murder status with the qualifying crime of child kidnapping, make this a disturbing example of state-conducted premeditated political murder. On the other hand, this isn't new to us; if the police were not a far-right criminal enterprise, we would have the rights of assembly, association, and dissent. We kind of know better, don't we?

It appears the ex-wife is a co-conspirator in the murder, as it would take knowledge of future events to construct the pretext. Note that the FBI concluded there was no evidence that the reported messages ever existed.

One of the more disturbing things about this coordinated dual political violence is the statesman journal's response. is already established from the other links that he did not "show up with a gun to a custody dispute," but rather, "was landscaping when he was called to his own premeditated murder."

Coupled with the willingness of portland police to facilitate the heroin trade...

...the willingness of all police forces remotely near the region to actively support criminal enterprises engaged in arson and bombing, and the like, one can only assume that the valley has fallen... and also that Nuestra Familia took one look at the attacks of 2012 and decided to just cede it and/or die. I love you fam, but that's kind of a bitch move, tbh.

The area is signifigantly denser than the east coast in terms of remaining reservations, native american boarding schools, and the like. In the context of the conflict, that basically means...


...and genocide.

~glares at the entire northern migration again~

Frankly, everyone on this board might as well move to the goddamn valley and try to snatch up some pretty indian children while they're auctioned off. Fuck knows you apparently cannot, actually, make the situation any worse, literally no matter what you do, so...

~shrug~ It's a loss, because, well... no one but a pink board with pretty damn near to no resources (though I suppose you could pay me a few million a year in consulting fees or something) showed up.

To be fair to the Americas, the battle in south america kind of sucks right now. On the other hand...

...anyone and everyone has been on notice since the startup of child sex racketeering in 1984. Sorry I didn't show up to that one, buddy.

At least...

...there's a small chance that attacking Boston even more will be responded to. Which does bring up another point : Boston suffered the assassination of Shanley for being gay, the Boston bioterror attack, the first Boston bombing, the second Boston bombing, and still never folded and came back with "babies are awesome and you should stop mistreating them."

...Astoria had one tiny fucking bomb undetonated on the other side of a bridge and bitches out totally. What exactly is up with that?

In any case, 2019 began with violence and murder... including prescripted and premeditated state-run murders with wide-area establishment support. If you're in the area, you're probably already dead. Buh-bye.

Have a nice day.


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