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You're too charitable.

Posted by jd420 on Friday, April 27 2018 at 6:24:20PM
In reply to Danny Whittaker's exchange w/ Tom O'Carroll Part 3 posted by Dissident on Friday, April 27 2018 at 10:35:05AM

That some of you even attempt to dress up the desire to exchange bodily fluids with minors as some sort of charitable concern for the well-being and political liberation of children in general is precisely why discussions with pedophiles and the rest of society haven’t, can’t, and won’t even get off the starting blocks.

This... basically translates to "you are untermenchen, so I get to control both sides of the conversation to reach my prearranged, feel-good conclusion." Coupled with a bit of bitching that you're not playing the game "right."

The irony is that we don't need to have a discussion. We are a third of the population and have nuclear and chemical weapons. We can just go full lebensraum, without conversing one whit.

Anyways... the methods of pissing on their little fantasy are well established; just connect the image of the heterosexual male parent with rape and denounce them as a rape advocate - as the rape advocate they are, in fact. Bring in those charming exemption laws they wrote themselves. Bring in runaway retrieval. Use the phrase "daddy issues" in a sentence. And keep driving home that they're a fucking rape advocate who is personally responsible for this.

Hurt them. You will, incidentally; most bullies have a collapse when their fantasies of hurting a compliant victim don't go as planned, and yes, this is how they treat their children, too.


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