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yeah. thanks, sL

Posted by Eeyore on Tuesday, June 05 2018 at 07:46:33AM
In reply to He was a long time member of BoyChat... posted by starlet_Luver on Tuesday, June 05 2018 at 00:47:14AM

I saw the name sometimes during my years of occasional lurking. Someone else already told me about it.

As for what racial or other identity people claim to be, I guess you have to take them at their word, but seeing that you know so much about BC, I have a side story for you someday as to the fate of Common Ground, the eternal dead link at the top of our page. The trolling you speak of was more rampant than it suggests, sometimes weaponized by real posters under assumed identities for their own political whims. Selfish people unable to effect change without schizophrenic identities. No different than the rest of the internet, I suppose.

The moral of the story is, taking people at their word around these places for who they are and what they identify as or with, is sort of naive yet necessary for those running the places, and with that frame of mind, I automatically wonder how much of what Lysander claimed (then or now) was real.

I guess one part of me just cannot bear to believe there are people who desire the forcible act of rape or beating women and girls, but I've met enough to know it exists, though it's luckily not very common. As I mentioned to someone else recently, they often are the product of domineering mothers, or at least it was true in the few I encountered over the years.

I read several sources online and was then told a few more things about him in addition, which you didn't mention here. Without naming anyone, did anyone else ever meet him in person? If so, did they think he was serious about what he asserted?

I guess others have run for office elsewhere, helping us equally well by deciding we needed to stick up for sex with animals (where do these guys come from, seriously?) so maybe I shouldn't see deeper conspiracy where there has been a history of narcissistic spotlight-craving nutballs attaching all sorts of unrelated taboos to child love.

The "sui" site would seem to indicate "serotonin uptake inhibitor" which I believe is going to become a massive public issue in the years to come for causing some people to lose their mental marbles, but that is a nasty outcome for the site if what you say is true.

Oh, well. Perhaps the Virginia farm boys aren't behind his creation after all. Guesstimates are all I usually ever have.


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