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and then he started singing to kids...

Posted by rainbowloom on Wednesday, February 20 2019 at 4:57:57PM

...on their way to and from school.

have a beautiful day.

like who does that?

people don't understand how much we love kids at all.

what kind of bullshit is it when because i'm 23 and male i'm automatically seen as a threat?

i think pedophilia is "i love kids so much that the love of my life has to be a child when i fall in love with her" and everything else we experience is just a social, environmental, psychological, emotional, biological, sexual function of THAT.

which is why society needs to make an accommodation for THAT.

the functions can be controlled, but the innate desire cannot.

meaning i can't control how i feel but i can decide how i respond to that feeling to an extent.

it doesn't need to be ok to have sex.

but it needs to be ok to fall in love.

recognizing that the one doesn't necessarily lead to the other.

it's also arguable that it should be ok to have sex in a greater range of situations.

not saying how much greater.

because sex is such a personal thing.

but the one thing that's for sure is by refusing to recognize and accept the emotions of age-disparate couples, we're creating exactly the sort of environment where, say, child molestation for example is more of a thing.

it shouldn't be wrong to have feelings for someone.

creating an environment where certain feelings are demonized drives those who are experiencing them underground and, in this case, adds undeserved criminal tension to a situation (of mutual love and/or romance and/or more) which would otherwise be considered a completely natural and harmless venture into one of the most vital aspects of being alive.

the spontaneous joy of two people in each other.

~ rainbow

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