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Um. . . .

Posted by Balto on Saturday, February 10 2018 at 04:36:57AM
In reply to ethics? posted by manbot on Friday, February 09 2018 at 9:29:50PM

. . . Kba talks himself up because he has something to take pride in.

If every girllover did half of what Kba does then we as a group would be moving mountains instead of trying to roll bullshit up our own individual hills.

We're an oppressed class of people. We're all "special snowflakes", or at least we ought to be and have a right to be. If you want to live in a world that doesn't suck the joy out of you, then you put your fucking act together and you get off your ass and you make waves and you ride them.

And if you face-plant then you take the consequences like a fucking man and you stand back up and you make another wave because you got backup ways to be making waves for days.

That's how you build up a personality that is resilient enough to have even the most remote effect on other people's perceptions: you decide what matters to you, what's real; you show integrity by growing a pair and making it known to the people who might somehow help you get it; and you try to obtain whatever it might be in an ethically sound way.

Even if you never succeed then at least you lived a life to be proud of instead of chipping away at your nine to five pretending you're something you're not as meanwhile you sit behind your computer screen staring at the thing you actually want; knowing it won't come to you - you have to go to it - but you would rather preserve that shallow empty thing you call a life so you just keep on fapping away as your sexuality begins to consume your desire for other would-be necessary relationship aspects of what you theoretically want, and little do you realize that all along you're teaching your mind to dehumanize the notion of a young girl, separating the sexual imagery you're viewing from the people you're looking for, whom you refuse to actually pursue as people, for some reason or other, and over time it becomes a cycle of addiction you have to feed because without that dopamine rush you are bluntly exposed to the full force of your depression, and that pain just keeps eating away at you because you don't aren't actually getting any of the social bonding part of the equation that makes it worth the pursuit.


And then a little girl wanders her way into your life and sees that you're open to being the recipient to her very first romantic / sexual inclinations, and rather than treating a situation with the care and respect it truly deserves you just say "fuck it", and it ends in utter travesty because you never saw that establishing yourself as a girllover first - to the people who might in theory have your back - was as important to the whole narrative as the relationship that you so desperately want.

If every pedo in the world came out into the open, today, then everyone in such a situation as my own would have their girls back in their arms safe and sound by the year's end.

We would see an open fucking debate and the pedos would win (meaning whatever compromises would easily be well in our favor; there certainly wouldn't be any negative change, that's for sure - it can't get any worse); the scapegoating then ends, the stigma then ends, the actual child abuse then ends, and a whole lot of suffering that goes on in the first world today gets resolved.

I might be going through a rough / sketchy time but at least I can take solace in having had a real impact on others in a way that actually matters. People listen to action, not words, and although you can pretend, you can't actually do anything from the shadows.

I'm a man of ethical action, therefore people respect and listen to me.

Kba is the same.

I don't blame anybody at all for hiding out but to do so and then also be voicing complaints over the reality you're too afraid to confront is pretty damn funny, and not only to me but to all of the hypothetical nons who would be - to whatever extent - willing to give the genuine you a chance. (And being a funny guy is fine too of course.)

But when the funny guy tells the serious guy "told ya so" it's actually pretty insulting, especially since the scenario the serious guy is suffering through is a part of his serious agitation for change in social policy that everyone including the funny guy really wants to see.

~ Woof Woof !!

~ R a i n b o w l o o m

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