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E. Multnomah cell crosses the water...

Posted by jd420 on Sunday, November 04 2018 at 11:04:40PM

...and promptly fucks everything up.

Not sure it's the E. Multnomah cell, despite being on their usual route? Okay...'s a temporally-coordinated action whose range establishes that, once again, the territory (here in its outer reach) of the Patriot Front, formally American Vanguard, is synonymous with terrorism and homocide in the Pacific Northwest - and other bad acts.

The irony of this, of course... that Astoria likes to posture itself as an arctic native village. It's one of the beautiful things; in most of the americas, reclamation really would involve 'white genocide,' and not the kind where failing to brutalize other people is 'genocide,' because you can't really ship a population that size back. In the northeast, you can just tell these kids to scoot back an island or two, and in the PNW, you can sometimes just take them to Alaska, point, and say "walk home."

"West"-arctic culture and society, however, is based on one thing : homelessness. In the fennoscandinavian countries, it's often called "allemansretten," while in scotland, it's basic highlands law : the earth and its fruits are everymans' right. Derives largely from the northern siberian coastline, wherein you maintain a low population base and keep moving, or you are dead : that land cannot support a few thousand people camping in one place. It shaped the culture in a lot of ways.

This action puts the lie to their arctic-native aspirations. It also pretty much illustrates what this race war is and has been for a while; the "eternal Anglo," in specific organizational format, attempting the senseless destruction and slaughter of all other peoples. Its the sort of "british" petroleum cartel that would knock over Germany and bomb the fuck out of Britain, or occasionally try to kill members of the royal family.

Of course, that lie was also made clear with the "scandinavian" festival's "no pets" policy. You... can't be anywhere near the arctic without someone showing up with a dog, likely solo with a pack of dogs. It's the basis of the Russian "insult" 'tsuka pi'la'aute,' often transliterated 'cyka blat.' Literally, your dog feeds you, with the strong implication that you pay sexual favors in a submissive position for this. It seperates "russians" who would find this offensive from russians, who figure this is normal and honorable for the region.

It would be interesting to discover when and by whom that policy came to be. I understand that I can't ride in with a pack of dogs dragging my pukka until an ice age hits because they're celebrating in the summer solstice and a bit south of, well, anyplace good; that's still no reason to have such a policy, and the average hippie commune is a more accurate representation of west-arctic native heritage than this crap.

Exterminating literally everyone is an option; allemansratten is what differentiates "a bunch of odd, out of place people" from "an illegal occupation which must be eradicated." For gentler options, mocking the shit out of them for their fake, plastic tourist festivals and/or park allows for a lot of very, very rightful cruelty, and one can simply point out...

...the western empire, troubled though it may be. Turning the appropriate section of the constitution of Sweden, in the original Swedish, into graffiti throughout the area could definitely be fun, as well as other fennoscandinavian countries' laws in the original language. You can, with just a little creativity...

...get arrested for camping, and then claim you were "following the reindeer in the ways of your ancestors." You can point out that the religion of the people they're - well, "offensively larping," at this point...

...literally suggests that blonde nortenos will kill them for this shit.

That... also works well for mocking "nordic, aryan" (by your own mythology, pick one) white supremacists who want to invade parts of the region, incidentally. Government? Nope.

One could also...

...ditch them and take over Seattle. I don't really give a crap what arctic or north pacific native group is dominating these folks at the moment. I just care that it isn't something external, colonial, and totally fake - like Japan's ability to simultaneously name its capital "to ka i'o" after the historical event and think that total eradication of the onsen or of the love for the more wild forms of hot springs through total media censorship is some kind of a good fucking idea. (we still think you're total degenerates for occasionally segregating them, btw).

It... couldn't have happened in a nicer place, simply because of the ability to mock the everloving shit out of their plastic tourist aspirations because of it. They really hype it up, too...

...and I would strongly suggest anyone in the area to travel there to redecorate the city with the appropriate citation of the laws of the scandinavian country of choice with a sharpie. Yes, it can be hard to memorize a sentence in a language if you don't speak it. Try harder. Buy nothing, though, not until they're fixed.

What to do in the French Quarter, I don't know. A lot of folks got out of the city entirely after the illegal imprisonment of people for being Black during hurricane Katrina.

...simply targeting the businesses for economic damage and sabotage until they get these guys to fuck off could work.

Another interesting fact is that this represents a departure from the usual, more-overt "more civilian murder" actions for this group. Kind of surprising.

In other news...

...the US CIA is apparently willing to kill several dozen folks to support the "they're actually completely incompetent" theory over the "actually, the US security services are openly colluding with offshore entities to allow and promote terrorist attacks against civilian citizens of the United States" theory.

Not sure I'm buying it.


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